Any technology engineer can provide a good solution, but we want to do more than implement a solution. We want to create an enduring partnership with you that will continuously key-in on focused improvement initiatives, and nurture a lasting culture of winning solutions and rewarding opportunities through technology.
We are self-motivated and diligent; constantly thinking about the next step and opportunity. 
We overcome challenges by remaining positive and seeing obstacles as an opportunity rather than an impossibility.
We set high expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our service.
We provide cost-saving solutions, while keeping your technological systems running at peak efficiency.
We believe that values have to be a guiding light for any meaningful and successful partnership, and must be reinforced on every level and every exchange. That is why our principles are an integral and foremost part of our platform, and we carry them in all matters of business.

Our Mission

Tri-State Computer Solutions will achieve our vision by making our customers more successful; listening to their needs and working with them to implement solutions that increase both efficiency and profitability.

To meet this mission we will:

Empower our clients through exceptional service.
At Tri-State Computer Solutions, we won't settle for being average or even good at what we do. We strive to consistently deliver outstanding solutions for your technology needs.

Facilitate effective integration of technology.
We do this by outfitting your office with the best technology solutions for providing integrated digitally driven tools and methodologies through planning, programming, training and consulting.

Work hand-in-hand with our clients.
In order to improve our products and services, we will continually communicate with and learn from our customers. In turn, as your business grows, our business and services get better as well.

Promote new uses of technology.
We keep on top of today's and tomorrow's technology, no matter how fast it moves, to ensure our customers always have the best tools available to them.