Missed Calls Are Missed Opportunities!

Communication is a critical component for everyday business success. VoIP allows businesses to clearly and efficiently communicate in the office, on the road, or at home.

It facilitates one-to-one discussions, as well as conference calls that lead to improved collaboration in any environment. Whether a single office or larger multi-location business, VoIP provides a seamless solution that quickly scales as the business grows.

When you sign up with our phone solutions, here are some of the substantial benefits:

Advanced Features

If you want to take a call on your laptop, or on your cell phone when you’re on the road, or you’d like to access a phone number without any hassle, then Tri-State Computer Solutions' VoIP services are definitely for you.

Low Cost

Our phone system solution is month-to-month with no gotcha clauses. We’ll EARN your business through excellent service and support, not a contract or a threat of a lawsuit. 

Highly Reliable

Other vendors ship you a phone with a customer service number to call when you run into trouble. We will concierge the entire process, from testing your network to installation, setup and training your team to guarantee a smooth, frustration-free transition.

Business Continuity

With optimized technology, your VoIP system will never go down because too many calls are being made, and the system can grow with your business.

If you’re not happy with your current phone solution, have outgrown your existing system, or are looking for new features; call us today, and let us help you make the right choice.

Transform Your Business Using Advanced Features: