Personal information of approximately 533 million Facebook users across the globe has been leaked online. Those affected by this data breach leaked their phone numbers, Facebook ID, full name, location, past locations, birthdate, email address, account creation date, relationship status, and personal bios.

The data is thought to be the same set that was leaked back in January of 2021 and was available to purchase online.

The leak was first discovered by security researcher Alon Gal, co-founder of security research company Hudson Rock. He believed the data could be a couple of years old and could have been extracted using the bug that Facebook said it fixed back in 2019 - before being first made available online back in January. 

That being the case, hackers could still misuse the information for SMS phishing scams, impersonate users or lure them to share the credentials.

He has warned users to remain careful of "social engineering attacks" as hackers may try to access Facebook accounts using the information obtained through this fresh dump of data.

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