All things end eventually, and in the years since Microsoft's Windows has existed, the OS has undergone a great many changes.

Most for the better, but some that have met with unexpected backlash. Last year, millions of users nearly revolted at the notion that MS Paint would be retired. As image editing software goes, Paint is about as minimalist as it gets, and yet, it is much loved.

In fact, there was such an outpouring of support for the ancient Paint code that the company decided to keep it around in the Microsoft store for those who wanted it.

Recently, the company implemented another new change that could spell the end for the ancient System Control Panel which has been in every version of Windows since the company first began producing the OS.

If you're not familiar with the Control Panel, it's a display window that gives you, the user a quick overview of the OS you're running, what version you're using, the configuration of the network you're on, and any hardware you've got installed.

As of Windows 10 Insider's Build 20161, however, Microsoft is implementing a change that redirects users from the Control Panel page to an About Page, any time they attempt to open the Control Panel.

The new About page provides a quick overview of some basic information about the machine you're on, including:

  • The device name
  • The type of processor the system is using
  • How much installed RAM the machine has
  • The Device and Product ID
  • The system type

Allowing you to copy this information to paste it into a text file, or rename the PC with the touch of a button.

Brandon LeBlanc, a Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider Program, noted that:

"There will be more improvements coming that will further brings Settings closer to Control Panel. If you rely on settings that only exist in Control Panel today, please file feedback and let us know what those settings are."

Clearly, this seems designed to eventually replace Control Panel with a more generalized "About" page, but time will tell.

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